Hire Charges & Deposit Terms

Hire Charges and Deposit Terms

Hiring Charges

Hire Costs

A quote will be provided to confirm the cost of hire. Venues are hired in 15 minute ‘blocks’. Due to staff costs, a £45 minimum spend will be imposed on all hire periods unless exceptions are agreed with the hirer. A £30 Administration Fee may be applied to a booking for the following reasons

  • Booking in an event within 30 days
  • Making changes to your booking within 30 days

We also reserve the right to refuse booking or amendment requests which have less than 7days notice.


Callouts of School Space staff throughout a letting will be charged at £25/callout unless the venue or service is not of an acceptable standard.

Holiday charges

Please see the Rate Card below for Holiday charges.

Cleaning Charges

We will send in our contracted cleaners for a charge of £80. This is an optional charge for all bookings unless your one-off booking finishes after 18:00 on a holiday or weekend in which case it is compulsory. The venues should always be left in the state that they were found with all large bits of rubbish removed, including rubbish bags, furniture returned to its original place and clean and tidy. Failure to do so may result in loss of deposit even if a cleaning charge has been paid.

Viewing Charges

All customers are able to arrange a free viewing of the venue​, for up to 60 minutes. Any subsequent viewings, or any viewing over 60 minutes, will be charged at £15/viewing or viewing hour.

Deposit loss and reasons for

A deposit will be used as confirmation for all events. Deposits are charged as follows:

  • £50 for regular bookings
  • £50 for one off events, unless the event value exceeds £500, in which case 20% of the event value is charged as a deposit.

The deposit is separate to the hire fee, rather than included in the price, and is made payable to School Space. All deposits are returned in full after your event or booking ends, unless the following occurs:


Any damage to the school or equipment within it, including loss of equipment.


If School Space staff provided have to undertake any unreasonable amounts of cleaning (for example spillages, kitchens left in an unacceptable state, or furniture not returned to original set up), then their time will be charged for. This is usually £50 per area, unless cleaning time exceeds one hour.


As stated above, it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure all attendees of their event leave the facility promptly, and that all set up and take down costs are included in the booking times stated.

  • If you do not leave the facility on time, charges will be incurred.
  • If you do not vacate the facility at your end time the facility will be charged at 3 times the normal price of the hall at the time you are hiring it (please see rate card for more details). We charge in 15 minute increments and so any over-running will immediately incur 15 minutes at this charge.
  • If you are over 15 minutes late leaving the facility you will also incur a £30 administration fee.
  • If School Space staff have to wait an unreasonable length of time at either the beginning or end of the booking, we will charge a £25 call-out fee for their time.

Rate Card:

Please find below the pricing structure for our hires. If you would like to hire outside of the hours stated below, please enquire for details.

Standard rates apply to:

  • 5pm-10pm: Monday-Friday
  • 8am-6pm: Saturday-Sunday

Premium rates apply to one-off bookings:

  • 6pm-10pm: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • 8am-10pm: Bank holidays and other national holidays

Premium rates apply to regular bookings:

  • 8am-10pm: Bank holidays and other national holidays

The premium rates are as follows:

 Time: 6pm - 10pm
Saturday Standard rate x2
Sunday Standard rate x2
Time 8am-6pm 6pm-10pm
Bank Holidays Standard rate x2 Standard rate x2
Christmas Eve Standard rate x2 Standard rate x4
Christmas Day Standard rate x3 Standard rate x3
New Year's Eve Standard rate x2 Standard rate x4
New Year's Day Standard rate x2 Standard rate x2
Easter Sunday Standard rate x3 Standard rate x3


Please see our Cancellation Policy for more information.



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