St Monica’s Primary

43 Hoxton Street London N1 6QN

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Situated in the heart of Hackney, St Monica’s Primary School is less than a 10 minute walk from both Old Street and Hoxton Station. It boasts a large main hall and a music room, amongst other spaces, making it the ideal to hire for your rehearsals, shows, and exercise classes.

Starts at £16 per hour



Main Hall

Available from £42 per hour

St Monica's spacious main hall comes equipped with a piano, benches, and mats. If you're looking to hire a space in the heart of Hackney, be it for exercise classes or celebrations, this main hall ticks all the boxes.

Meeting Room

Available from £21 per hour

Looking for a space for that all important meeting? St Monica's meeting room can host 10-15 people and you're free to use the flipboard if you like. Need hot drinks to keep you fuelled during your meetings? The room comes with an urn - so no more runs to fill up that kettle every time someone wants a brew.


Available from £16 per hour

If you're a tutor, be it for maths lessons or language classes, St Monica's two classrooms are perfect for you. These can hold approximately 30 students each and come equipped with whiteboards, tables, and chairs.

Music Room

Available from £21 per hour

Looking for a space to rehearse before that big opening show or the local open mic night? What better space than St Monica's music room. Enquire for more details

Outdoor Space

Available from £32 per hour

The school's playground has markings that would work for a game of netball, basketball, or 5-a-side football. Whether you're having a game with your friends or running a training session, do get in touch.


All prices are reflective of regular bookings during standard hours. Please enquire about pricing for all one-off events, and any regular bookings during premium hours (8am to 10pm on bank holidays and other national holidays).

If you are looking to book St Monica’s School, please plan in advance! We are unable to accept bookings or amendments less than 7 days in advance of your proposed start date.

We love welcoming the local community into our schools, and want to keep our charges as low as possible. However, to make it worthwhile for our schools and to ensure that we can pay our fantastic Community Connectors a fair wage, we do have a £45 minimum spend per session for regular bookings and a £65 minimum spend per session for one-off bookings. Aside from this, all rates are per hour.

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