St John the Evangelist

44 Bluebell Way, Carterton OX18 1AP, UK

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St John the Evangelist is located 17 miles West of central Oxford, in Carterton as part of a recently built estate, and is easily accessible via the A40. The primary school was built in 2003 to serve the growing community of Shilton Park and can now provide an excellent venue for the town of Carterton. The school offers a modern hall, large sports field, and classrooms.

Starts at £10 per hour



Main Hall

Available from £20 per hour

This modern, well-lit hall is suitable for a diverse range of clubs and groups. The hall offers ceiling mounted stage lighting, electric blackout blinds, and portable staging, making it the ideal venue for dance or drama performances or showcases (all available upon request only). The hall is also suitable for gym groups.


Available from £20 per hour

Built in June 2018, this brand new MUGA boasts a beautiful astroturf with associated white markings and recessed hockey/football goals at each end. The astroturf is surrounded by a 2m fence, and measures 30m x 18m. The pitch also has basketball or netball hoops set at 3m high. Perfect for your training sessions and matches!

Outdoor Space

Available from £10 per hour

St John the Evangelist is surrounded by green space, perfect for outdoor activities. Not only is there a large playground and climbing frame area, but a grass mound and marked football pitch. There is also a marked out athletics track, and both facilities are more than suitable for any sporting activities. The size of the pitch is approximately 95m x 50m.


Available from £10 per hour

St John the Evangelist has classrooms available which are well suited for little ones. There are approximately 30 chairs which are suitable for young children due to their size. These classrooms would be great for playgroups, using the hall as a break-out play space.


All prices are reflective of regular bookings during standard hours. Please enquire about pricing for all one off events, and any regular bookings during premium hours (8am to 10pm on bank holidays and other national holidays).

If you are looking to book St John the Evangelist School, please plan in advance! We are unable to accept bookings or amendments less than 7 days in advance of your proposed start date.

We love welcoming the local community into our schools, and want to keep our charges as low as possible. However, to make it worthwhile for our schools and to ensure that we can pay our fantastic Community Connectors a fair wage, we do have a £45 minimum spend per session for one-off bookings. Aside from this, all rates are per hour.


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  • Parking
  • Sports Markings
  • Stage
  • Tables
  • Toilets

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