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Our dedicated team works to relieve the strain of lettings from schools, so that you can focus on what really matters. Providing the best education that you can. From customer enquiries to staffing the event to handling payments, we take care of the entire lettings process from start the finish, at no cost to you.

“We have started to see the impact of lettings in our community engagement. A number of families have been impressed with the school when their children have visited us to access lettings, and the children have subsequently joined the school.”

Didcot Girls’ School

How It Works


Kickoff meetings with School to scope out revenue generation potential, on-boarding of school staff, and finalising lettings policy and prices.


School Space markets school facilities to local community groups and offer a comprehensive lettings package with excellent customer service.


Provide ongoing, tailored support through partnership to help the School increase income from lettings and become a shining example in the local community.

Our Promise

Make Money for your School

A guaranteed increase in income from School lettings. Within six months of working with us, our partner schools (on average) see a 170% increase in their lettings revenue.

Hassle-free Partnership

We take care of all the admin for the bookings, invoicing, and also provide a full audit trail so that’s one (or three…) less thing you need to worry about.

Offer a Trusted Service

Our facilities hire T&Cs are watertight, insurance is covered, we invest heavily in training our staff, and ensure that they are all DBS checked.

Provide Staffing for Bookings

Our staff are well trained, so be rest assured that they will unlock and lock up your facilities with the utmost care, and ensure that the school is left spotless after bookings.

Show me how to make money for my school

Make money for my school

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