What We Offer

School Space is a social enterprise which has been passionately working in Oxfordshire’s communities since 2011. We help schools generate extra funds by hiring out their spaces to individuals, clubs, societies, and local businesses.

We work with schools to market their facilities in the best possible light and bring in local users to begin reinvigorating the local community. We manage the end-to-end booking process which includes all customer enquiries, service admin and cancellations. Our customer service team comes to work every day, bright eyed and eager to remove the stress of lettings and venue management for schools, and make sure that our customers always have someone they can call if they have questions about their booking. Our wonderful Community Connectors staff hires on the day, including opening the venue, care-taking, cleaning and locking up. And once the booking is over, we take care of all the finance and feedback gathering.

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Community engagement

Didcot Girls' School

We have started to see the impact of lettings in our community engagement. A number of families have been impressed with the school when their children have visited us to access lettings, and the children have subsequently joined the school.

School testimonial

School Business Manager,Didcot Girls’ School

The income received from lettings helps bolster the school budgets and maximise resources we have for teaching and learning. The financial climate is tough for schools just now and it is increasingly important for the schools to use creative ways to save money or generate extra income. Maximising the use of our premises assets out of school hours, rather than them sitting idle, is clearly an opportunity we are keen to exploit to its full potential. School Space have the expertise in helping us to achieve that.

Customer testimonial

Barbara Scragg

School Space always provide a friendly, efficient service and work in a professional manner. Opening and locking up runs seamlessly. The hall is warm, bright and light, with easy access to the kitchen and toilets. Our long term booking is handled with ease, without worry or fuss.