5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a School Hall


There are so many options to choose from when looking to hire a hall for your event, class, or activity group. Depending on your specific needs, some halls are better suited than others, but one thing is for sure - school spaces are becoming a more popular choice as venues for a wide variety of activities and there’s a good reason for that. 

Yoga teachers, dance instructors, martial arts senseis, church leaders and more are choosing school facilities to host their weekly activities. Why?


Community leaders have identified five very significant benefits to hiring their local school’s halls for their groups. Here is what they have discovered... 


1. School Halls For Hire Are More Affordable

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Whether you’re looking to hire a hall for a one-time event or need to book a venue for a recurring activity, in the long run, the price is likely one of the deciding factors that influences your choice. Among the popular options, schools provide the most affordable venues, especially in urban areas like London and other major cities in the UK. 

In fact, when considering to hire a hall in a school, you can expect prices between 20% and 50% lower for the same type of space (e.g. sports halls, main halls, astroturfs) compared to alternatives like leisure centers and independent studios.

With this in mind, and the fact that schools have a wide variety of halls to hire for practically any occasion, it is very easy to see why they have been gaining traction in the past decade as an option for lettings.


2. Schools Are at the Heart of All Local Communities

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There are more than 32,000 schools in the UK. Hundreds of them are already providing halls to hire for members in their communities or others interested in expanding their exciting activity group in a new borough.

What makes this great is the fact that schools are mostly located in places with fantastic infrastructure, and therefore easy to access. The majority of them have been around for ages in now popular areas of the city, giving community leaders the opportunity to hire a hall in places that have in the past been notoriously difficult to book, like in downtown London.

This makes schools perfect for various local activities like church groups, sports clubs, music lessons and so much more. As a result, by hiring a hall in your local school, you are not only getting an affordable venue, you are also making an invaluable contribution to the community by participating in developing it further.


3. Hiring a Hall in a School Can Boost Your Attendance

A breakdancer performing in front of a public in a school dance studio.


The third major benefit of hiring school halls is related to the fact that schools attract a huge number of people on a daily basis. Therefore, your business will be easy to spot by students, parents, staff and volunteers associated with the school. 

As a result, if you are providing some sort of recurring services like karate or yoga classes, for example, the chance of getting a significant growth of attendees is very high. The best thing about it - it won’t require serious marketing investment and expensive advertising on your part.

Even better, as the school itself will be interested in keeping you interested in hiring out their spaces in the long run, you’ll likely be allowed to distribute flyers on the school’s premises and hang posters around to attract attention (just ask first!). Remember, schools love to show off their wide variety of extracurricular activities to prospective students and their families. You can directly benefit from being included in their promotional strategy at no extra cost. 


4. Schools Provide Better Customer Service

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Hiring a hall in a school almost certainly guarantees that you will receive better customer service. If this comes as a surprise to you, just consider the fact that, in many cases, schools work with trusted fully-managed lettings service providers.

They serve as a bridge between you and the school to provide friendly and reliable assistance to both sides. As a result, you can expect full support in running your event and timely answers to any questions that may arise before, during or after you hire the hall.


5. Your Lettings Contribute to Improving Student Experience

A couple of primary school students, studying together, looking at the same notebook.


When you decide to hire a hall in a local school, you are not only getting a fair deal, but you are helping its students succeed. This is because your money does not go towards individual profit, but to an organisation that develops the bright minds of the future instead. 

With the recent education budget cuts and rising general costs of operating, schools are having greater difficulty providing everything necessary for their students to thrive. By hiring out school facilities like halls, gyms, astroturfs, drama & dance studios and other spaces, you are contributing to solving the education funding crisis and helping schools fund their initiatives to provide better education to their students.


Your Perfect School Space is Just Around the Corner  


Deciding to hire a school hall has benefits for you as a customer, the local community you belong to, and the school at its heart. By choosing this alternative form of venue hire over  traditional leisure centers, hotels, and independent studios, you can save upwards of 20% from the cost you would otherwise pay to host your event. 

Further, you will be at the very center of the local community and likely get a premium placement at the heart of the city that would otherwise be unavailable to you (or would cost a fortune to hire). As an added benefit, you can expect attendance growth due to the very nature of the venue, which attracts hundreds of potential class attendees per day.

During the renting process, you are also likely to enjoy a superb customer experience and build a dependable partnership with your host school. Using schools as your venues of choice means that you are supporting an organisation whose primary purpose is not to turn a profit, but to reinvest in building the minds of tomorrow

In effect, you will be directly contributing to the wellbeing of the school’s students and helping them get a better education.

Ready to get started? See what school spaces are available for hire near you!

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